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Welcome to Pest Animal Lexington! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Lexington, KY. There are many aspects of a wildlife removal and control job, but if you hire us to be your wildlife removal and control company, we’ll take care of the lot. We are the #1 removal and control company in your area, a ranking we have earned through years of experience, incredibly high standards of customer service, and repair/sealing jobs that are of a professional grade. We’ll find that pesky pest on your property, whether it’s as small as a mouse or as large as a raccoon, and then we’ll capture it, relocating it at least ten miles from the capture point. Th' ' to ensure that it doesn’t come right back. That’s not all we’ll do, though. We’ll also seek out every entry point and potential entry point, using a 32-point inspection that we’ve found can’t be beaten for attention to pest detail, and then we’ll seal it up to ensure the critter can’t get back in. We’ll also repair any damage that the animal left behind, as well as removing waste, and even going as far as replacing attic insulation if the job so requires it. It could be said that we take all of the pest control stress out of your hands, and plenty of happy customers can back us up, with glowing testimonials that we’re extremely proud of. Call us now at 859-475-5860 for your Lexington wildlife control needs.

About Pest Animal Lexington and Our Services:

Same-day or next-day appointments.

Thorough inspection of your property and attic.

Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

We repair wildlife damage and prevent re-entry.

Fully Kentucky licensed and insured.

Po'on-free Lexington rodent control - rats and mice.

Experts in Kentucky bat removal from buildings.

Lexington raccoon removal and skunk removal.

Removal of animals in the attic, like squirrels.

Lexington snake removal and prevention.

Lexington bird control services.

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We service Bourbon County, Clark County, Fayette County, Jessamine County, Scott County, and Woodford County. We service towns such as Lexington, Georgetown, Nicholasville, Winchester, Par', Versailles, Wilmore, Midway, Millersburg, Stamping Ground, North Middletown, Sadieville, Corinth, Richmond and more.

Lexington Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: How to Get Rid of Bats in the Attic

Having Lexington bats around ' advantageous since they feed on several insects like mosquitoes which are harmful to humans none the less, if bats settle in areas or places which are not meant for them like the attic then it becomes a problem. If you find out that bats are living in your attic then below are some of the steps you should follow since they are legal and with the laws. Top 5 Steps of getting rid of Kentucky bats in the attic are l'ted below.

1. Inspection
First and foremost you have to identify the points in the Kentucky bats use to get and out of the house. Also, make sure o know the kind of species and the exact location where they reside in as well as the kind of damage they have caused. They move out at night and get in the morning but also remember that not all of them move out at once. They make frequent trips during the evening when no one sees them, and they enjoy hot places in the structure meaning they regularly roost in attics. You will also realize that they crawl down walls and wedge into gaps behind fascia boards and wood beams. Within that process, they leave a lot of droppings in the entire attic. The main reason as to why you should find out the exact Lexington species in your attic it to aid you in carrying out the exclusion correctly since they all differ in sizes, birthing periods, behaviors.

2. Pre-sealing
Normally, bats have various entry gaps and holes which allow them to get into the house. The significance of a suitable Lexington bat removal project ' to locate all the areas. These gaps and holes are very small just half an inch and are very easy to forget since they can be inv'ible at times. If you want to eliminate the bats, you must funnel them out at their current initial entry or exit points. However since they can even enter through plentiful of the other main points, then you need to close every possible entry holes in advance such that the excluded Kentucky bats may not d'cover an alternating way inside. Remember not to seal off an initial entry and exit point before exclusion.

3. Exclusion
Ever wonder what exclusion ', well th' actual refers to installing a single way exclusion devices on the primary entry and exit spots. Th' can be exclusion screening, netting, cones or even funnels depending on the architecture. Not all the Kentucky houses are the same, and what's more, you need to choose the correct device since bats interact to the architecture in a unique manner. Additionally, the exclusion funnels or netting should be fitted properly so that the bats will be able to fly out naturally during the night, however, on the other hand, be able to fly back inside which ' the major concept which ' very easy though very hard to get right. Conversely, it's very crucial that th' step ' followed correctly because you might, at last, have a huge problem on your hands that might be difficult to deal with.