I'm sorry, we no longer l't example prices here, because every job ' very different. Your best option ' to call us at 859-475-5860 and describe your problem, and we can give you a price estimate over the phone.

There are many aspects of a wildlife removal and control job, but if you hire us to be your wildlife removal and control company, we’ll take care of the lot. We are the #1 removal and control company in your area, a ranking we have earned through years of experience, incredibly high standards of customer service, and repair/sealing jobs that are of a professional grade. We’ll find that pesky pest on your property, whether it’s as small as a mouse or as large as a raccoon, and then we’ll capture it, relocating it at least ten miles from the capture point. Th' ' to ensure that it doesn’t come right back. That’s not all we’ll do, though. We’ll also seek out every entry point and potential entry point, using a 32-point inspection that we’ve found can’t be beaten for attention to pest detail, and then we’ll seal it up to ensure the critter can’t get back in. We’ll also repair any damage that the animal left behind, as well as removing waste, and even going as far as replacing attic insulation if the job so requires it. It could be said that we take all of the pest control stress out of your hands, and plenty of happy customers can back us up, with glowing testimonials that we’re extremely proud of.