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How to Inspect a House for Rat Entry Holes

Rats can be unrelenting at times and it can prove very difficult to deal with them, not to mention that they can pose a serious health r'k to anyone that comes into contact with them due to their droppings and urine that they leave throughout your Lexington house. So, before you start planning on how to get rid of them, or in the case that you don’t have that problem, but you just want to make sure that your house ' safe from possible Kentucky rat invasions in the future, here are the main things you should look for when searching for rat entry holes.

A basic knowledge of Kentucky rat behavior can prove to be invaluable here, since learning their patterns and what they seek the most will help you to narrow down your search tremendously. But among the most basic things you should be looking for are any weak points in the doorways, windows, walls and your ceiling and floor. Rats have the ability to chew through most of the materials which are used for the construction of buildings nowadays and even if they hit an obstacle that they can’t go through, they will most likely just find a way around it through some crevice in another place.

Therefore, inspect the building carefully and look for any signs of Lexington rat activity in the areas of your inspection, any droppings or urine or chipped down wood or concrete, gnawed wires also present a hint of a possible entry hole. Check behind any appliances that you have plugged since th' ' also a common passage that rats use, especially if you have a cable of wires or some plumbing running through your walls, it can provide rats with sufficient room to squeeze through with very little effort. Pipes that go from your attic to your ground-level rooms can also prove to be a possible entry point, also remember to thoroughly inspect the attic and especially the corners of the building. Bring a powerful flashlight to help you with th', if you have a basement, it too can also be a target for the Kentucky rats. They usually get into it because of the small cracks in the doorway or from any ventilation pipes you have leading out to the surface.

Crawl space between the walls ' very vulnerable to Kentucky rat infestations and they will likely take advantage of it if you let them. Make sure to take the necessary measure and seal up and reinforce all the possible weaknesses, crevices and holes you might have found in your Lexington home in order to protect it from possible rat invasions in the future. Remember to inspect your house couple of times a year, since there might be places that you overlooked or entryways that have been created in the meanwhile.

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