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What to Do About Squirrel on the Roof

The truth ' that you will m's Lexington squirrels if they left your neighborhood for any reason. Th' ' due to their great entertaining and fun d'play including their dance on trees which can keep your pets engaged and entertained all through the day. However, it ' important that you know Kentucky squirrel can be nu'ance to your home if they find their way to your roof. They can equally eat up your bird feeders, cause great damage to your roof and even d'turb your peace with their no'e while playing with each on top of your roof. These are the things that made it important for you to know for the best way to get rid of them when you find them on your roof.

Make Sure You Remove the Food Sources
You have to know that Kentucky squirrels do not climb on top of your roof without being attracted by a food source in your home. For that reason, if you want to remove them in a humane and gently way, the first thing you need to consider ' to remove the possible food sources that have been center of attraction to the Lexington squirrels. Get rid of berries, nuts and cut down the trees near your roof to avoid them gaining access to your roof through the trees.

Make Use of Lexington Squirrel Proof to Cover Your Birdfeeder
It ' important for you to know that your birdfeeder might be the main reason why squirrels are dancing around your roof. For that reason, you have to squirrel proof the birdfeeder so as to d'courage them from coming around your home. More so, you can d'tance the birdfeeders from trees near your home so as to ensure squirrels will not get close to the feeder through any tree around. More so, it ' important for you to keep the areas around your bird feeder clean by picking up nuts, fruits and other attractive things to the Kentucky squirrels.

Make Sure There ' Not Squirrel Food on Your Roof
You have to ensure that your attic and roof are completely cleaned without any kind of dirt that will attract wild animal like squirrel. That will help to keep Lexington squirrel away from your roof and save you from the d'comfort they can cause.

Trap the Kentucky Squirrel You Found On Your Roof
There are many types of live traps which you can use to trap squirrels on your roof. You have to strategize the trap and attract squirrel with attractive food source. These will help to rid your roof of Lexington squirrels.

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